Home Security Month – Security Standards

Week two of National Home Security Month looks at security standards – exploring window and door locks in particular, as well as how you can secure the valuables inside your home.

It’s all well and good having a fancy security system installed on your home that will alert you if there is break in, but it’s important to ensure there’s no easy way in for a burglar to start with. These top tips will help you assess the exterior of your home and security measures you have in place.

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Entire Electrics nhsm

Home Security Month – Alarm Systems

October sees the return of National Home Security Month (NHSM) – a whole 4 weeks dedicated to providing tips and advice to make sure your home is safe and protected long term. 

This year, the first week of NHSM kicks-off with a focus on home alarms and how they can protect your property. From the traditional to the smart, NHSM will be exploring how the popular alarm not only acts as an excellent visual deterrent, but also provides protection for your property.

We take a look at a few reasons why you should definitely consider a home alarm system.

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All About Entire Electrics

Entire Electrics was formed in late 2016 to provide dependable electrical services to the North East of England. Entire Electrics has been founded by Ian Stothard and Michael Adams, and is built on over 30 years of previous electrical experience in the North East. You can be sure that all of our electricians are reliable and knowledgeable in the services we provide, and, as a NAPIT approved installer, we are accredited and Government approved.

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